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LumiAir, Innovative lighting systems

LumiAir manufactures and sales/rents a wide range of lighting products and also develops specific lighting systems on demand.

International patents, 3 Gold Medals at the Geneva Inventions Fair and 2 European Oscars of Lighting Innovation. LumiAir is ISO 9001: 2015 certified. LumiAir products for lighting potentially explosive areas are ATEX certified by the INERIS laboratories (National Institute of Industrial Environment) and the products destined for the cable transportation of people are certified by the STRM. LumiAir also develops and manufactures electronic products for the safety and control of lifts and large industrial systems.

LumiAir lighting balloons are essential lighting devices for night work in the construction, tunnel, road works, civil defense, rescue and ATEX potentially explosive areas.

LumiAir lighting systems can illuminate large areas (up to 24,000 m²) per unit, providing a uniform 360° light, glare-free, no drop shadow and weather-resistant

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Development and marketing of lighting systems

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Lighting System Rental


Development and marketing of electronic products for the safety of people on transport by cable


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An increasing number of projects are carried out at night (or during the day) in sites devoid of natural light.
LumiAir omnidirectional illuminating 360° allows a human intervention in complete safety and with a perfect color rendering.

LumiAir illuminates the world

LumiAir illuminates the world

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