Lighting balloons

The self-inflating lighting balloons invented by LumiAir, particularly innovative, are composed of:

  • A self-inflating outer envelope, made of technical fabric UV treated, reinforced with fiberglass to diffuse a soft glare-free light, omnidirectionally, volumetric 360° and without shadows.
  • A compact lamp with high luminous flux, energy saving and equipped with a hot rebooting system allowing an immediate restart after a stop.
  • Special materials for difficult working conditions: anti-vibration system, transparent outer arms (reinforcement of wind resistance), stainless steel screws ...

The lighting balloon LumiAir is the indispensable complement to night work, its fields of application are varied. It fits perfectly on road and construction sites, tunnel work and also during military field installations or for lighting emergency rescue zones. The LumiAir lighting balloons can advantageously illuminate outdoor events, sports or festive activities or for advertising.

Comparison of balloons with projectors or lighting towers


Direct light: necessary to direct the headlamps towards the ground and to the working area: high level positioning (9m). Can not be used for horizontal lighting.

Fragility: significant risk of lamp breakage when moving the machine. The life of the lamps is reduced by the high temperature inside the device.
In case of sudden rain, the glass may crack due to the difference in temperature.

Punctual lighting: that brings a dazzling effect and important shadows.

Heavy weight: the devices are heavy to move and require at least one vehicle.

Long re-ignition time: waiting 5 to 15 minutes for the lighting of the lamps at 100%.


Volumetric light: no need to position the balloon very high (4-5m is enough): orientation of the light unnecessary.

Non-glare effect: the balloon can be used at any height, on the different levels of a building site.

Anti-vibration protection: light can be moved during operation (including installed on machines).

Permanent cooling: the device can be used when the outdoor temperature is high.

Regular light: no shadow or dark point created.

IP protection: no problem with rain, dust or sand.

Lightness: less than 150kg for an autonomous trolley equipped with balloon and diesel generator (for 4000m²).

Hot restart: immediately after the lamp goes out.

Different types of use

Fixed position on tripod:


Machine-mounted mobile balloons:


On autonomous trolley: